I hear some people at ARPC talking about 3 gun but don't see anything posted. Might want to ask around at Columbia Cascade to find out about local "outlaw" matches.
Albany Rifle & Pistol Club, 2nd Sunday outlaw match (day after USPSA match) is regular. I usually shoot that, sometimes TriCounty's tactical or 3 gun.
Hey Jesse. I am an hour south of Seattle. The closest 3 gun match I have seen is 5 hours away. I am asking everyone I run into at the gun ranges and nobody has any info. I have found some info about matches in Eastern Oregon but they seem to be just a couple stages and it is many hours from here. It seems that lots of people are interested but nobody is putting them on in our area. I am practicing as much as possible for when I do actually find a 3G match that I can drive to! I have the name of a guy who competes nationally who lives within an hour or two of here, but I haven't figure out how to approach him yet. Seems that a lot of the old boys who control the local Gun ranges just aren't interested in change so they block any attempts to get with the program. 3G is the fastest growing of all the shooting sports and they all talk about getting new young shooters. This is the path!

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