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    Hi Guys,


    You guys NEED to read this, the anti gun politicians are stacking the deck
    in Salem. they are letting only anti-gun people speak mostly and they are not
    giving the same info out to the pro-gun people and only giving it to the
    anti-gun people. Guys you got to do this This in not

    Cognitive Dissonance and Phantom Amendments.

    Today's Senate Judiciary Committee "hearing" was another display of the
    paranoia of the anti-liberty crowd.

    Although the meeting was supposed to be a hearing on three good gun bills,
    it was, in fact, nothing more than theater arranged by, and for, the
    anti-gun rights, government school establishment.

    In an unusual "informational meeting", the opponents of gun rights were
    given a virtual monopoly on public testimony, but more, they were given
    information provided to no one else and the opportunity to testify at length
    before anyone from the pro-freedom side had a chance to respond. While
    limited and abbreviated testimony was taken from a few pro gun citizens, no
    one from OFF or NRA had a chance to testify in spite of the fact that they
    were "signed in" before almost everyone else.

    The meeting followed a format we have never seen before. The "informational
    meeting" took center stage but no pro-gun people had any insights into
    exactly what the meeting was about. Strangely, that was not true of the
    people who testified on behalf of the government schools.

    They repeatedly voiced their support for "amendments to HB 2797." 2797 is
    the bill that clarifies lawful carry of handguns on motorcycles, ATVs and
    snowmobiles. The "amendments" clearly outlawed CHL holders from being on
    school property. Oddly, only the government school representatives seemed to
    have actually seen these "amendments." Even one member of the committee
    asked what these supposed "amendments" were, since he had not seen them

    After repeated references to these amendments. the chair of the committee,
    Floyd Prozanski, informed the audience that "there were no amendments to any
    of the bills" being heard today. But even after he said that several times,
    more representatives of the government schools referred to the "amendments
    to HB 2797."

    It was quite odd that numerous people who worked for the state school
    establishment testified in favor of amendments to a specific bill that would
    outlaw CHL carry on school property, but no one else saw these amendments
    and the Chair insisted they did not exist. Someone is not being very

    Although we were told that the "informational meeting" would cover guns in
    schools, rights restoration for people with felony convictions, and "mental
    health issues" it was clear that the focus was on licensed carry at schools.
    It was also clear that the anti-gun school establishment was privy to inside
    information denied to everyone else.

    The government school reps trotted out all the same paranoid cliches they
    have been relying on for years. School superintendent Susan Castillo
    testified that guns in schools were a dangerous proposition and illustrated
    her position by citing Columbine, Thurston High School and Virginia Tech.
    When asked if any of those shooters were concealed handgun license holders
    she admitted they were not, but the schools did not want to "wait "until a
    CHL holder opened fire on a class full of children. (Hey, it could happen,
    right?) Of course, just as every CHL holder is a potential mass murderer,
    every public school teacher is a potential child molester. So clearly we
    need to address that issue.

    Ginny Burdick demonstrated, once again, her perennially addled state by
    testifying that CHL holders could not be trusted in schools because they did
    not have the extensive training that police have. She went on to illustrate
    her point by citing data from the New York City Police Department which
    concluded that NYC cops rarely hit their targets.

    This is an interesting argument. On the one hand, the anti-gun crowd does
    not want to recognize the CHLs from other states because they may not meet
    Oregon's lofty training requirements. On the other hand, we cannot trust CHL
    holders in schools because they have such paltry training requirements.

    Of course, over and over, the anti-gun mouthpieces complained about the
    carnage caused by guns in schools. And over and over they were asked if any
    of the people who were responsible for violence in schools were CHL holders.
    The number of problems involving CHLs according to the anti-liberty zealots?

    After listening to multiple representatives of the Oregon government schools
    testify that the most law abiding Oregonians need to be disarmed because of
    the acts of the most criminal Oregonians, we were struck with a horrifying
    thought. These people are teaching our children. There have been few more
    compelling arguments for homeschooling than today's testimony.

    If you are a public school teacher, you should know how you are being
    represented in Salem. If you are a parent with children in the public school
    system you should know how your children are being propagandized.

    In spite of Prozanski's repeated denials, there would seem to be amendments
    to one of the gun bills to, once again, dredge up the failed efforts to ban
    CHL holders from being on school property. Why we are allowed to be in
    malls, parks and even the Capitol, but we can't be trusted to pick up our
    children from school is never answered by the school union reps, the School
    Superintendent, or the orchestrated and delusional members of the government
    school monopoly.

    Either the teachers' union or the Chairman of the committee is lying about
    the phantom "amendments" to 2797. The hearing ended with no testimony from
    any member of the gun lobby. Prozanski announced that he would pick this
    hearing up again next Tuesday. If the deck will be stacked again then, we
    cannot say. It is clear however, that there is an effort to butcher the
    pro-gun bills that passed the House with wide margins.

    We strongly encourage you to continue to make your voice heard on the three
    bills that were supposed to be heard today. Please contact the following
    Senators and tell them to pass House Bills 2787, 2792, and 2797 as passed by
    the House with NO amendments. These are the people that need to hear from
    you. Do not be hesitant to contact them multiple times.

    Floyd Prozanski
    Capitol Phone:
    District Phone:

    Jackie Dingfelder
    Capitol Phone:
    District Phone:

    Suzanne Bonamici
    Capitol Phone:
    District Phone:
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    Yep, The Oregonian and The Columbian are doing the same thing by not reporting much if anything on Project Gunrunner.

    It's hard to win a pro gun argument and even harder if the whole truth is not given out!

    8 US Presidents have been NRA members. They are: Ulysses S. Grant,
    Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Dwight D. Eisenhower,
    John F. Kennedy, Richard M. Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George Bush.

    80 MILLION law abiding gun owners didn't shoot anyone today, a few criminals did!!


    The "Feedback Score" is low by 4, not everyone posts it I guess.

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