Ammo, Powder, Primers, & Dies.

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I live near Kooskia, Idaho. Depending on distance, and desirability of trade, I will meet you somewhere. I travel occasionally to the Spokane area. Also, to the Grangeville, Lewiston, Clarkson, & Moscow area. I rarely go towards Missoula, but would for the right deal. This is all in regards to primers and powder. I can ship the other items, and you WILL get it. :). Not one of the bad guys…… wait a second…. Isn’t that what one of the “Bad Guys” would say!? :D :D :D

(Also selling or trading for a comparable caliber Semi handgun; Rossi Interarms M971 357 Revolver that also fires 38 special. Several boxes of ammo 38 Special and 357 Magnum as well.)

Below are a lot of my components, reloading equipment, and ammo, that I would be willing to trade or sell- if the price is right, for pistol primers, other ammo, & misc. reloading equipment. I may have something listed that is counterintuitive of what I’m asking for, but some items are more important to me than others.

Looking for:

Small Pistol Primers
RCBS Reloading Die set for .380
Alliant Powder (Reloader 22)
IMR 4350
Bullets (Projectiles) 380, 9mm, & 40.
I would definitely like some more .223 / 5.56 ammunition to feel comfortable. Also, reloading components.

What I have to trade with:

AMMO: I have for trade only, small amounts of 9mm, .40, .380, 270, or 7MM Rem Mag, and #7.5 12 Ga. Shells --- only for trade though because I barely have enough to feel comfortable. All straight from the factory; Federal, Remington, etc…

AMMO for sale or trade: I bought this to trade with.
10mm: Armscore 180G FMJ (100)
10mm: Winchester 180G FMJ (100)
45 Federal 230G FMJ (100)
22LR Federal (365), or CCI 40 (650-1000)

PRIMERS: Trade only for Small Pistol Primers.
Large Rifle Primers No. 200
Magnum Large Pistol Primers No. 350
Large Rifle Magnum Primers No. 215 or 9.5M

IMR 3031 1#
IMR 4138 1#
IMR 7977 1#
Hodgdon (H4198) 1#
Hodgdgon (Benchmark) 1#
Alliant Powder (Reloder 16) 1#
Alliant Powder (Reloder 17) 1#
Alliant Powder (Reloder 25) 1#
Alliant Powder (Reloader 10x) 2#
Winchester 244 Ball 3#
Hodgdon CFE Pistol 1#
Can get Winchester StaBALL 6.5 Ball Powder— but don’t know for how long.

Nosler Ballistic Tip Hunting 270 / 150 grain (50ct.) P/N 27150
Berger VLD hunting 270 / 140 Grain (100 ct.) P/N27502
Hornady ELD Match 22 / 73 grain (100 ct.) P/N 22774
Barnes 7MM / 168 grain (50 ct.) .284" P/N 30284
May be able to come up with other rifle size bullets, if needed.

BNIB Hornady 300 PRC Die Set
BNIB RCBS Full Length 270 Die Set
BNIB RCBS Full Length 7MM REM MAG Die set
Hornady Full Length .223 Die set… lightly used.

Hornady 270 WSW (50 ct.) P/N 8637
Hornady 270 WIN (50 ct.) P/N 8635
Hornady 7mm WSW (50 ct.) P/M 8639
Magtech 40 S&W
Magtech 380 Auto
May be able to get a hand on more as needed.

Also, range brass I have:
.243- (180) Various brands; Remington, Igman, Federal, & Peters.
May be able to get a hand on more as needed. Also, other sizes at my local pawn shop.

Personally, I would like range brass 9mm, 380, 40, & 270 as I am in my learning curve of reloading.
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