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    First off lemmie say that is great to be back in the 48 after 10 Years of living in Hawaii and having no place to shoot, the abundance of public lands and firearms friendly community have made me feel quite welcome here in the PacWest.

    Some of you may be thinking, "Hawaii,.. why the hell would anybody in their right mind move AWAY for Hawaii.."

    Long Story short, this is where I met my Wife and, right now the family needs us to be here.. so, here we are..

    Who the hell am I? and why would anybody care? well.. Ill tell you, and the rest, that's for you to decide.

    I grew up in the 1970s-1990's Las Vegas, and believe it or not, I was a Small peaceful town where kids caught lizards, built forts, and rode dirtbikes and horses.
    Then, it got all jacked up.. Idiots from California started moving there to get away from the drugs and violence that plagued southern California. And Guess what they brought?.. you guessed it. "Idiots from California, drugs and violence.."

    The days of hunting Quail in the desert with my Crossman Air Rifle were over, Replaced by being chased through the neighborhood and beaten and robbed if caught because I was THE most Hated Minority. I, was a white kid.

    Highschool saw me standing baffled upon arrival my first day as a freshman ans Witness to a Murder, not ten Feet from my eyes did I see a gangbanger get shot through the neck and as he bled out in front of me staring into his eyes witnessed a soul leave a body for what was not to be the last time in my life.

    A few years and a dozen or so friends lost to the actions of individuals that for one reason or another were just randomly out of their minds while one of my friends were in the way.

    So Random that these deaths were that I just wanted out. So I went to work for the BLM and became a Firefighter.
    Temporary as that position were, it lead to a USFS job out of town in the mountains as a ranger where I felt more at peace with my surroundings.

    A Job opportunity lead me to Oregon where I met my wife and we decided to move to Hawaii after the economic fallout of September 11th took our livelihoods.

    About 11 years (give or take a month or two) living the dream in hawaii. Though not without its costs. Early in my time there I had to take a job as a Bouncer at a local bar to make ends meet. Which was fine for a couple of years as part time work, until one evening when some drug dealers saw me talking to a couple of plain clothes cops (DEA) who were asking me questions about the bar I worked at. The cops told me they had information that drugs were being dealt there at the bar to which I informed them that If I ever saw activity like that It was reason enough to 86 a person for life, and since I hadnt seen that type of activity I had no way of helping them since my attention was focused mainly at the door carding people and making sure no one left with "drink in hand".. The cops informed me that if they found anyone in the bar in possession of drugs that they were taking ME to jail as an accessory. I informed the cops that if they would like to put me through the police academy and provide me with a Gun and a badge I would be happy make arrests for them but since the scope of my job was checking ID's and stopping fights I was unable to do their job for them. Barring a badge and a salary, I asked to be left out of their investigation.. Believe it or not, they understood.. However...

    The Drug dealers who were watching from across the parking lot were not so understanding.
    They approached me shortly after the cops walked away and introduced themselves as "the drug dealers the cops are looking for"
    to which I said "Im going to tell you the same thing i told the cops, LEAVE ME OUT OF THIS"
    They didnt.
    Three on one, they attacked me with a pipe and steel toed boots, leaving me with
    a fractured Skull
    A fractured Faceplate
    A broken hand
    16 stitches over my right eye and a fractured Jaw.
    then they came and found me 4 weeks later and threatened to kill me..
    PTSD and Hyper Vigilance Disorder and 12 sleepless weeks later, I bought a gun.
    Slept much better after that.
    Found them, pressed charges. all good now..

    However. having gone to the Range on Maui I met people who were just accidents waiting to happen..
    In a society SO ANTI-gun none of these people had EVER gotten proper firearm Handling instructions from parents or anyone for that matter. So my gun range was just effin dangerous!!

    I flew back to Las Vegas and went through Front Sight.
    Then a Few NRA instructor courses.
    Then a few Tactical courses.
    a year later, More Training. more Certifications.
    then a few more.
    Currently, I am a Credentialed NRA instructor for:
    Certified Home Firearm Safety
    Certified Pistol
    Certified Personal protection in the Home
    Certified Personal protection Outside the Home
    Certified Rifle
    Certified shotgun

    An Oregon CHL holder, and member of several Portland gun clubs.
    I teach, and hold Long Range, Practical, and Tri-gun Tactical Dynamic Shooting Exercises with friends I've made here in Oregon.
    From airsoft battles to geocaching meeting points to survival trekking Im interested in it all.
    I like Cay Shooting and supporting gun clubs and our second amendment.
    Im a life member of the NRA.
    Politically I would consider myself a Conservative libertarian. and I don't like ether candidate, if it were up to me I would elect
    Ron Paul.

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
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    Aloha! Thanks for sharing your story. It's good to know that there is one more responsible, like minded person in the state.
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    I had a fun week in Maui, but I could never live there. Not nearly enough snow.
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    Your thread title made me think of Jeff Foxworthy in a hula skirt!:laugh: "Aloha Yall!" Welcome to NWFA!

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