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Alright gentlemen, time for another one of my famous "prices so good you can't afford not to buy it" deal.

Up for sale is a tableful of tools. What's in the bags? Wrenches, sockets, antique Craftsman hand tools, Snap-On tools, you can see M18 batteries, a Milwaukee charger, electrical tools, etc. There's also 3-4 more bags of tools not pictured we found, those are included for free, they seem to be exclusively sockets but hey, free tools. Most of the actual bags are brand new, just used to haul tools out of the work trailer, and those that aren't are fantastic classics, like the Klein Tools electrician's bag in heavy duty leather, probably 40+ years old. The Makita bags were pulled right out of their packaging and filled up. My father is getting out of construction with old age and wants them all gone in one big lot (keep a lookout because brand-new, sealed tools are the next thing we're selling off, DeWalt, Stanley, Makita, Milwaukee, Husky, etc). He dealt with plumbing, electrical, landscaping, carpentry, painting and interior work like drywall, flooring, etc. I suspect for any tool fan out there, this is going to be an early Christmas, and for a re-seller, a very profitable afternoon. So, a whole truckload of tools for less than a 4-Pack of DeWalt batteries... what's the catch? There are two.

The first catch is, you buy the entire table. Every bag, plus two 5 gallon buckets below the table with even more tools. No cherry picking, no hemming and hawing, no price haggling. The table will be empty when you leave, take all of it or take none of it. It is first-come-first-serve. I do not hold items, and I expect this specific lot to sell like hotcakes. There's a lot of overlap between "guys who love firearms" and "guys who love tools".

The second catch is, you cannot come inside the house to see it in person in one great big pile on the table. Both my parents are seniors, both have conditions that make covid a serious threat. I will ferry everything out to the driveway for you. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you might have beforehand. PM me anytime, or call me directly. 971-271-2170, Thomas. We're up in NE Portland, just off I-84, it's easy to get here.

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