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Part II of what I expect will be a five-part series on filling this table with tools. The first tableful of tools whipped out the door in record time, and that lucky gentleman is probably at home right now, still sorting his way through an entire pickup truck's worth of toolbags. Now, we move into brand new tools, starting with a collection of Milwaukee. This is perfect for someone trying to get into the Milwaukee platform without paying Milwaukee prices, as it comes with both an M12 and M18 battery, or, it's an excellent expansion of an existing collection.

Here is a list of what's there:

-M18 Hammer Drill/Driver
-M18 Flood Light
-M18 Battery
-M12 XC 4.0 Battery
-28pc Drill Bit Set, three sealed sets
-15pc Impact Drill Set
-15pc Thunderbolt Bit Set
-Utility Blade Pack (60 blades)
-5-packs of Sawzall blades, a mix of short and long, wood and metal. 5 sealed packs.
-Diagonal Pliers
-Tongue-and-Groove Pliers
-9pc Blade Set, two sealed sets
-11-in-1 Screwdriver

In addition, five bags are included. One contractor style (long and heavy duty, perfect for power tools), three heavy duty (shorter but tough) and one light duty (the type you'd give someone their first tool set in, tough but not professional-grade). All brand new, all Milwaukee-branded. Carry your tools in style. The tools will actually fit into two bags, so you have three more to fill up with other projects, or sell off and recoup a bit of your investment.

Retail for this whole lot is almost smack-on $800. I'm looking for $500. As I said, these are all brand new, never opened, never used. Those eagle-eyed among you might have noticed a few extra goodies not on the official list, and not counted towards the value. Those are free. They were either too minor to bother with pricing out, like individual bits, Milwaukee-branded marker, or they were hilarious, like a Milwaukee-brand bottle opener. In either case, another $30 or so of goodies, yours for free.

I'm also going to put up two 'starter sets' for those who don't need a huge table of tools, as well as a brand new drill/impact driver set, and if you wanted all of the Milwaukee stuff at once, we could certainly talk about a lowered price. As it sits, I think $500 is perfectly reasonable for brand new tools; you won't find that kind of deal anywhere else. My prices are firm, and if you don't try to haggle with me, and just bring plain old cash, I'll throw in an M12/M18 charger, for free. That's a $50 piece of gear, for those keeping track on their calculators.

Come clear the table, and I'll fill it up with more! Shoot me a message or just call directly. Thomas @ 971-271-2170

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