So, I am again looking at the Grand Canyon State, and penciling out to do lists, marking up maps, et al, for the coming year. One that I/we have checked more than once, and corresponded with their local government and economic development types, is one Snowflake, Arizona. (Don't worry, it received that appellation long before the 21st century).

Anyone live, work, used to reside in, or otherwise have inside knowledge of said area? Thanks friends. Happy New Year!
No firsthand knowledge but I think Arizona might be a safer choice than Nevada.
Interesting that Snowflake seems to be a mecca for "environmentally sensitive" people according to my Googler.
I don't think I've ever been to Snowflake but I have spent a lot of time in the Show Low/Pinetop-Lakeside area which is about 20 miles away. I lived in Tucson and Phoenix from 1975 to 2013 and would spend time up there in the spring and summer for fishing. In the winter I would go skiing nearby at Sunrise Ski resort.

The area around there is called the White Mountains and the area looks like the forest around here. I never hunted that far north but did have friends that would elk hunt there. The population of Show Low and Pinetop area increase dramatically during the summer from people escaping the lower deserts.

Snowflake is also where Senator Jeff Flake is from. I'm guessing that the town has a higher percentage of Mormons than the Show Low area, not that there is anything wrong with that. There is also a few reservations within an hour or so drive. The Apache-Sitgreaves national forest is south of Snowflake so plenty of opportunities for recreational shooting. The other land around Snowflake seems to be a mix of private, BLM and Arizona State trust land. No target shooting is allowed on state trust land. I think hunting may be allowed but I can't remember.
I've heard REALLY good things about Payson, AZ but haven't been. It's about 1.5 hours west of Snowflake and about 1.5 hours from Phoenix and 2 hours from Prescott.

Please take pictures and report back if you go...and for Snowflake too! :)
If planning to build and drill a well, determine typical well depth and cost. Find out location and quality of schools.
Snowflake might be OK.

Hot, but not too hot:
Snowflake, Arizona - Wikipedia

Possibly affordable:
Snowflake, Arizona Cost of Living

Snowflake land:

But don't shoot a cow:
Coddled Cattle Still Free, People Get Caged in Arizona

Elevation ~ 5,600' in town. Personally, I'd prefer higher elevation for cooler temps, but if you're in the trees, make sure you have enough land to clear trees away from your house and/or build from non-burnable materials. The SW USA has been in a drought for several years so I'd prepare for forest fires. That applies to any place in the trees or even sagebrush, not just the SW USA.
NFPA - Firewise USA®

Lots of land to choose from in Arizona (and the SW USA).
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