WTS OR 840 rounds M855 in ammo can

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    Selling 840 rounds of federal M855 ammo. This was purchased in retail boxes and packaged by me on stripper clips and then put into bandoliers with cardboard sleeves. There are 7 bandoliers with 120 rounds each for a total of 840 rounds. Also includes 5 spoons for loading mags with the stripper clips.

    Asking $350 325

    Also have a can of federal m193 packed the same way I would sell for $300.

    20190211_192235.jpg 20190211_192132.jpg 20190211_192246.jpg
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    $350/840=0.41666 / round

    (I put the equation so I won’t have to do it next time I look)

    Being you put it on strippers and bandos (spoons?) as well as canned, a pretty good deal. GLWS :)

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