WTS OR 600 qty Horn. 75 gr A-Max .224 bullets

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    For sale. They won't work in ARs (mostly...) Bought them thinking I would try to make them work and then if not use them in my 22-250 but realized too late (duh) that my 22-250 is 1-12 so they won't work there either. I need to hold on to them and get a new barrel or a new gun and don't think I haven't considered that...

    However want to sell.

    500 in sealed plastic baggies in the original box. 100 opened and 5 bullets seated but pulled with kinetic bullet puller not collet puller (bullets unmarked... )

    With shipping paid $123. Asking $100. Brand new. Cheaper than Sportsman's and Cabela's and no shipping charge.

    Do the research on these bullets, they are supposed to be VERY accurate, but you need a 1-7 or 1-8 to use them well. The problem with ARs is that the ogive on the bullets is more like a VLD and goes WAY back on the bullet. This means that when you seat them to a length that fit in magazines, the bullet sits so deep compared to the curve of the bullet that it looks like an SR71 engine and they don't feed. The wildcatter solution is to shorten the neck of the cartridge so that they feed, but that gives little grip to the bullet in the case and when feeding the bullet can move slightly and lose concentricity. Since I wanted them for accuracy, it sort of defeats the purpose.

    Anyway. For someone with a bolt or if you are doing service rifle slow fire (when you can load one at a time) these bullets are going to make you really happy.
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