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5/8 shaft scope?

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by littlecars, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. littlecars

    littlecars tacoma wa Member

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    I have a old Marlin 39a 22 rifle with a old 2.5x scope with a small shaft. I think it is a 5/8". the scope has some dirt inside of it and is not very bright at all. I would like to upgrade it to a newer one. nothing fancy. I dont want to change to a diferent scope mount so I have to stick with the 5/8 shaft. Does anyone make a scope like this? I am having trouble finding one. If not do any of you in the tacoma area have a old one I could buy? I would like 2.5, 3 or 4 power.
  2. bcp

    bcp SW WA Member

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    Never heard of a 5/8 scope. The 2 common sizes below 1 inch were 3/4 and 7/8.

    Cut a narrow strip of paper several inches long. Wrap it around the scope once, then make a pencil mark across it where the end is overlapped. Straighten it out and measure the distance between the end and the mark. If it is a 3/4 scope, the marks will be slightly under 2 3/8 apart. I'll bet that's what you have.

    There are lots of older 3/4 scopes around and some new ones still being made. But some old scope mounts required scope disassembly to install.

  3. turq

    turq Molino,oregon Member

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    I have one. I believe it's 5/8ths its a Burris 2X pistol scope Quality but pistol isn't going to help you. The rings came with it. Not sure what year,70s?