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5.56 Ammo Question

As someone who's never resorted to using it..I'm curious as to what experience anyone might have with the Wolf..or other manufactuer "Polymer coated" 5.56 ammo.. I assume there must be a reason it's less expensive.. Any input would be appreciated..
I use tons of wolf in different calibers for plinking ammo. A lot of people talk it down, but I think its great for what it is, its cheap ammo. Its dirty, not very accurate, and not reloadable. But it works all the time for me with no problems.
Wolf .223 is a little underpowered. I prefer silver bear for cheapo plinking. It's usually about the same price as wolf and it's zinc plated. I do like Prvi Partizan (wolf gold) and I buy a lot of their M193.
The Wolf made in Russia ammo uses steel cases rather than brass, dirty powder, and cheap bullets.

Even out of an accurate AR15 it will produce large and unpredictable groups. I tried once to save a few bucks by sighting in a new scope with it and gave up. It was a constant left, right, up, down, chase the bullets all over the place waste of time. :s0114:

It's fine for when you don't need accuracy.

The steel cases can rust within a few hours of being exposed to rain. I once went shooting in the rain with Wolf and by the time I got home my leftover ammo was all rusty.

It's cheaper for a reason.

One positive is that I've never heard of it kabooming an AR, unlike gunshow reloads.



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