WTS/WTT ID 45 acp Ammo

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    3F7E9EB6-859B-4AA1-AB7B-D9C9385E1693.jpeg 974B1B5C-8716-4E23-991F-51213BD64C79.jpeg 763EC815-06AD-43A5-9261-EE2D19975E5A.jpeg FB8037FB-3A98-4C5D-9CA1-CDE96CD8AE3F.jpeg 77B31A43-3953-4949-9D06-83500F11DEFB.jpeg 2FADC2F4-4447-400A-8EF8-B4860CA40125.jpeg 3C224EA1-07AA-4894-B9BA-11664C3838AC.jpeg 2F08ACE8-D415-40D4-9098-11DC465FD56D.jpeg 610 rounds of factory Federal hydra-shok JHP

    78 rounds of factory Winchester silvertip JHP

    300 rounds of factory PMC FMJ

    918 various reloads. Some hollow points all reloaded by an engineer. Description for the reloads can be seen in the pictures.

    These have all been stored in doors, and never been exposed to moisture.

    At this time I am putting my feelers out to trade for solid running mid 70’s to early 80’s gm truck. Only looking for a 2 wheel drive with an engine between a 327 and a 427 (not interested in anything smaller) 1/2 to light 3/4 ton. Suburban, blazer, pickup, or possibly even a car. Do not care about the condition of the body. Only concerned with how many miles it has, as well as how it runs and drives.

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