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I am still working on plans for super low velocity pistol round recipes (possibly primer only loads). In another thread somebody suggested chopping up heat gun glue sticks for projectiles. Has anybody here tried 3D printing bullets?
My lastest idea is to use a coated .355 bullet cast bullet in my 38spl. That should reduce friction and allow me to get the bullet to exit the barrel with less powder?
I wonder if a primer only load could send a 22 pellet out of 10 inch 223 barrel?

Edit: It appears the answer is yes. Time to add tin of 22 pellets to shopping list.

Lot's of designs on the web. This one works in my .177's and can be scaled to .22. Also have a hollow .22 pellet I use in my Airforce Condor, use it hollow and it explodes on impact or print it 100% infill for a more solid impact. Can scale most designs to the caliber you need.
.177 pellet
Here are some fancy new-fangled waxy-plastic bullets I picked up for almost nothing at a gun show.

redjet.jpg redjet2.jpg

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