338 LM COAL Questions

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    Took measurements on my Savage 110BA chamber where I split the neck on a fire-formed casing, inserted a bullet and ran the bolt home.
    Here are the absolute maximum measurements for the bullets I have in my stock:

    Bullet Weight Caliber Max COL
    Hornady Int SP 225 338LM 3.6360
    Berger OTM 300 338LM 3.8830
    Lapua Scenar 250 338LM 3.6460
    Lapua Scenar 300 338LM 3.7110

    My AI Box mag is 3.771 inside edges

    I was going to do some ladder tests with the Berger OTMs and Scenar 300s, with both different powder charges (RE22 & N170) as well as different COALs.
    Figure I'll start at 50 mils back (0.050") off the max COAL and move in 10 mil increments. The Bergers will definitely have to be single shot hand loads.

    Would you do anything differently? Open to suggestions.

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