.32 lead cast bullets for 32-20 , .32 H&R , 327, etc.

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    I have a large amount of .32 bullets (sized .313) that would be great for cowboy action shooting, or just plinking, hunting, etc. They are Keith shaped.

    98g $50 per 1000 0 available All Spoken for: John, & Steve.

    115g $50 per 1000 0 available " "

    I live in the Gorge, but can deliver to the Portland or Bend area if you are not in a hurry. I will ship but buyer pays.
    5o3-7o3-2874 or email direct austensclassics at yahoo.com , but no spaces and @ instead of "at" The PM system seems to be unreliable lately so please call (NO texting) or email me
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