300 blackout and barnes bullets

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    FINALLY found me some 110gr barnes tac-tx (blacktip) bullets to load for my blackout and i am wondering if anyone wants to share any of their loads for this. also have some barnes tac-x 110gr as well. any help would be much appreciated. these are too expensive and hard to find for me to want to waste too many working up a load.

    i have loaded some of the tac-x bullets but havenst loaded any of the black tips yet. here is my data on that

    2.12 00 wsr h110 19 barnes 110gr tac-x 2044,2126,2029 9" 300aac
    2.12 00 wsr h110 19.5 barnes 110gr tac-x 2067,2109,2130 9" 300aac

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