3 AK-type rifles: SGL31-94, SLR-95, and CAI Polish Tantal

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    Just like the add states, I'm looking at selling three rifles that are redundant in my collection.

    1. NIB SGL31-94. Brand new in box with paperwork, as it came when I purchased it. Not one round through it except at the factory. $1250. SOLD

    2. SLR-95. On of the earliest imports without the muzzle brake, and it has the cutout for the lower tang making for an easy conversion. Original imported Bulgarian milled barrel. I would say it's in 90% condition. $800 OBO. SOLD

    3. CAI Polish Tantal. Has less than 500 rounds through it. Cleaned after every outing. Does NOT keyhole at all. Would like to sell it for $400 with box and accessories. SOLD

    Please give me a call at if you have questions, or don't hesitate to send an email to s_drake_100 at gmail dot com (please remove the underscores in the email).

    Also available is an AKS-74 kit complete minus the receiver. $750. 1 Sold, more available.
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    You raised the price for the SLR?

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