2nd Amendment Covers Cars

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    The rights as listed in the 2nd Amendment has been applied to Domiciles. Your home, certain buildings, select camp site locations, some RVs and the like.

    "I would conclude that the individual right to bear arms contained in the Second Amendment extends to motor vehicles"

    Instapundit » Blog Archive » A CIVIL RIGHTS VICTORY: Second Amendment applies to carrying guns in cars. ?So say two of the thre?

    This would count as a 'win' - but due to the location it may not apply to us in the northwest.
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    Here's the pertinent text. It is written by one of the judges on the majority (2:1) side of the decision. It is important to read the text of such a decision, rather than just the outcome, because it may be relied on in the future by lower courts:

    [Volokh adds: In context, those "alternative means" refers to Ohio's shall-issue licensing system.]

    It's important to understand that by reading the text of the decisions, you can surmise which way a question will eventually be settled in the SCOTUS. Generally, those lower court decisions that are simpler in their explanations, less tortured in their reasoning, and consistent with the common understanding of the English language will carry more weight. This decision is such a decision. It doesn't rely on obscure meanings, convoluted reasoning, or special language. It is simple and straightforward. I believe it will be cited often in other cases going forward.
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    I wonder how this would apply in WA State? We are not allowed to carry a loaded handgun in a vehicle without a Concealed Permit.

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