2009 Kubota RTV Orange with 86 hrs "lowered price"

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  1. So I bought this with every intention of getting a plow for it but I never did and now I have other toys I want. This machine has 86 hrs on it it;s fuel injected and once I clean the barkdust off it will be a great looking machine. I used it once for barkdust, and once for a weekend coyote hunting trip in eastern oregon. has a dump bed (not power but can be added) seats two with belts. I added a bubba sunshade over the cab that has a mount for two rifles and can be removed. Great machine not fast 26mph top speed but has a decent amount of power and 4wd with a diff lock. also has recievers front and rear for standard two inch accesories. I'm asking 7000.00 new it was 8400.00 I would be willing to trade some for a semi auto or magazine fed bolt .50 "barret or the ba cobb bushmaster maybe armalite" no single shots. also would look at any full auto's any caliber. I need 4500.00 to pay it off, so I can take up to 2500.00 in trade for the right gun. not looking for any multigun trades and no ak's or ar's, I have those covered.
    one other trade I would consider is a keltec rfb. also, I could deliver this for gas money
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    Do you have any pictures of the actual item for sale?
  3. O.k. I got some pics but remember I haven't cleaned it up yet so it still has some barkdust and stuff on it. been waiting for the weather to clear and I'm going to get old before that happens.

    also, this will fit between the wheel wells of a full size truck from what the dealer told me.
  4. btt, take 6750.00

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