20 Gallon Tropical Freshwater Fish Tank set up with fish!

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    I have a 20 gallon tropical freshwater fish tank, purchased about 8 months ago from PetCo.

    Comes with lighted tank hood, 40 gallon filter, 40 gallon tank heater, 60 gallon air pump, battery operated tank vaccum, plants and tank decorations, digital temp guage, magnetic tank cleaner, food, tank treatment bio-chemicals, plus much more. Have boxes and reciepts for all of it.

    Also includes 7 fish: 2 guppies, 3 Gold Barbs, 1 Red Fin Shark, 1 catfish, all heathly and happy. I change water in tank every month, and clean at same time.

    Everything you need to take care of and enjoy having fish!

    I paid over $375.00 for all of this new, selling for $125.00 cash. Cant beat that with a stick! You wont find a deal like this on a fish tank ANYWHERE else!!

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