2 Steel AK mags converted for Saiga

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    I have 2 steel mags that have been converted to work for Saiga's. One is a Chinese style mag and is in great condition. The other is not marked but looks the smae as the Chinese one but has a little rust on it. Both mags have virtually no wiggle when in place (the unmarked has no wiggle what so ever).

    I am only selling/trading these because I am going to convert my saiga to take standard mags.

    I would like to either trade these for 4 steel AK mags that have not been converted, or 6 polymer AK mags, or sell for $35 for the pair or $20 a piece.
    I can text or email pics if needed

    Will ship for $40 for the 2 that is the $5 flat rate shipping.

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