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I have 2 Romanian G AK-47 parts kits. They are all original matching numbers. 1981S-#4132. I demilled the kid when I originally received them. They have been sitting for a long time, I noticed a couple small spots of surface rust, nothing major. The bores look good. I stripped the cosmoline off the wood parts. I notice it is missing the grip screw and the small square spacer.


These kits are not imported anymore with a complete barrel. I have receiver flats, flat bending jig, and rivet tools. If someone is interested. If you want more detailed pictures let me know.

I am looking for $950 OBO each. I know this may be perceived as high but I have seen these kits all over on the price range. Shipping is on the buyer. I am looking to trade for a 1911, commander, aluminum or lightweight frame, bobtailed, but I would entertain all 1911 offers. dhsIHNH.jpg b7jpI4E.jpg OButSng.jpg K4vAyiF.jpg R8NzMu2.jpg MQ8ay09.jpg UXzpt8h.jpg EqGGQP6.jpg uBZk0f6.jpg
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