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I picked these up last year from RTI and Classic Firearms. I believe both were imported from Ethiopia by Ion inc.

I paid way more than my selling price. Selling the pair of these for $575.00 and I will entertain part trades for ammo.
Both have been test fired running 10 rounds through both rifles. 8” Target was 100 feet out and it was only to make sure I hit the paper and that both rifles functioned. The Savage didn't extract the rounds as well as it should and one round out of 20 did keyhole using surplus ammo. Keyhole - "It could be an out of spec bullet, but likely a worn barrel".

I have several rounds of .303 HXP ammo for sale and first choice goes to the buyer of the rifles.

Ammo trade interests:
Brass 9mm
M2 Ball .30-06 (M1 Garand)
.300 blk

I like to use Adaptive Firing Solutions for FFL transfers, but willing to meet elsewhere.

"comment added 01/29/2023 @ 14:00 above in italics in case someone doesn't don't know what might cause a keyhole".

IMG_0698.JPG IMG_0699.JPG IMG_0700.jpg IMG_0710.jpg NEWG9395.JPG QMLN0960.JPG 86DC015B-DC53-4099-B65B-B95FD525AD38.jpeg 6521603A-F175-4CD9-BFAB-ECE9763CE334.jpeg D6051F14-4DD8-4F96-809D-672A0854A66C.jpeg C636DBDD-3DDC-4F97-8264-F0AC89636C98.jpeg
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