1988 F150 2 wheel drive, $800

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    Straight automatic 2 wheel drive. Here's the good: Odometer about to roll over to 98,000. Transmission rebuilt about 20,000 miles ago. Interior is in pretty decent shape, dash isn't cracked, no holes in the seat or carpet and no funny smells. Also has a very nice Pioneer CD player/radio with ipod hook up...don't ask me how to hook up an ipod.

    The bad: The heater fan went out two months ago. It's a $60 part and very easy to install. Passenger side window hasn't worked since I've owned it and needs a new motor. The driver side window motor just went out about a month ago. The window motors cost about $35 each. The mirrors on both the driver side and passenger side are very loose and will need to be replaced. There is also a serious exhaust leak which will wake the neighbors when you fire it up and drive off at 5 in the morning (guess that could be a good thing depending on how you feel about your neighbors). Also about a month ago truck started to shake a little while driving, pretty sure it's just wheel bearings. Tags are expired

    This truck is straight and doesn't have a lot of miles for it's age. However it has been used as a work truck and it's starting to show. Price is $800 and I am firm on it. I won't go a nickle lower. I might do $500 and a firearms trade depending on what it is. Seeing as I need the money more than another gun it would really have to be worth it to me. Located in Vernonia

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