1984 Honda Shadow vt700

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    I have an old bike that was running before the wintertime. I just started it, but it needs some tinkering. It's registered and I have a clean title. It's a perfect project bike or starter, the reason I got it. I'm looking to upgrade after the winter and my safe needs more upgrading as well. I'm looking for trades. Anything I can use for my CHL, Bushmaster, Benelli, hand cannon. Anything really. I'm thinking somewhere around 800-1000 on my end worth of trade value, I can assure you, I'm into it for more than that. We can use cash to balance out either way, I'm open to anything.

    I have a few more photos I can e-mail upon request. She's not beautiful, but it worked as a commuter for me during the summer and she has potential.

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