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    Unfortunately, due to lack of time, my plan to build this Scout into a dedicated wheeling rig isn't going to work out. I spent a good six months looking for the perfect candidate for this project. I knew I wanted to find something relatively stock, 1976 or newer for the disc brake Dana 44 front axle, with the 345/727 auto combination, and relatively rust free (as far as Scouts go). After finding this I brought it home and, short of starting it and driving it around once a month, I haven't done anything with it.

    This Scout would be the ideal candidate for a wheeler or hunting rig, but honestly there are a lot of Scouts in worse shape if someone were looking to cut one up. It'd be a lot of work, but this wouldn't be a bad base vehicle for a restoration. There is surface rust on the floorboards, but they are solid. I pulled the plastic lining out as soon as I got it home to prevent further corrosion. As you can see in the photos, the previous owner began to cut the rear wheel wells to fit larger tires. This wasn't an issue for me, since I was going to do the same in order to keep my center of gravity lower. Like most Scouts, the panel behind the driver door was full of dirt, causing it to rust. I cut it out to prep it for a patch repair. The passenger rear was somehow dented, and someone tried to fix it with an inch of Bondo. I removed most of it, as I was going to pull the dent and fix it properly. The top has some rust on the rear hatch. Recent work included rebuilding the carb, replacing the points and condenser, and installing a new air filter.

    Though I've tried to be as thorough as possible in this ad, and because I haven't spent a ton of time looking into potential issues short of the important stuff, I'm not sure what else it may need. I'm sure someone could find a short list of minor things that will need fixing. I have been as honest as possible in listing what I know.

    What surprised me about this particular Scout when compared with the others I looked at was the way it ran, drove, handled, and stopped. Judging by the appearance I wasn't expecting much. This is really the main reason I chose this one over the others. The engine runs very well and feels very strong, the transmission shifts smoothly, the steering is tight, etc. I drove from Canby, OR to Amboy, WA (about an hour drive, 50 miles) without a problem. Because I haven't registered this I haven't drove it on a public road since, so I can't vouch for it's drivability at this time. I'd recommend bringing a flatbed or having it towed. The vehicle is titled in Oregon, though still stored in Amboy.

    $995 - May consider trading for firearms, a Jeep Wrangler, or an FJ40.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Joe Link

    1976 International Scout 2 005 (Large).jpg

    1976 International Scout 2 006 (Large).jpg

    1976 International Scout 2 008 (Large).jpg

    1976 International Scout 2 004 (Large).jpg

    1976 International Scout 2 009 (Large).jpg

    1976 International Scout 2 010 (Large).jpg
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    More Photos

    1976 International Scout 2 013 (Large).jpg
    1976 International Scout 2 012 (Large).jpg

    1976 International Scout 2 014 (Large).jpg
    1976 International Scout 2 016 (Large).jpg
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    Very Cool old Scout, Awesome love it. I would totally find something to trade you for it but my wife would probably kill me if I brought home another vehicle. :p

    GLWS ;)
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    You got to love those old scouts, they have a style all their own. If I sell my big red i might have to hit you up
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    Can you still get new parts for these?
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    IHC and Scouts do have a following. Parts are available, including from a company in town (SE Portland). But you need to be prepared to use the internet for some things.
    That said, Scouts are not "comfort" rigs, rather they are "working" rigs. They are built well and the drivetrain combo (engine, trans, transfer case and axles) are solidly built.
    It's easier to get small bits for Blazers, Jeeps and Broncos, but Scout IIs are great rigs.
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    That company is SE Portland should be avoided. But there are plenty of more reputable companies out there to do business with. Many parts can be found at Napa and Carquest or RockAuto. There is an entire Light Line Network dedicates to International's Light Line trucks and Scouts. My personal favorite is IH Parts America. They are a dedicated family owned business who care about their customers and the IH hobby. Best of lick with sale Joe.....sorry to get preachy.[emoji1]
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