SOLD Mossberg Model B Trapper Special 22 Cal

Gun was part of an estate inheritance. Rifle looks terrible and is missing parts, specifically the firing pin and part of the bolt. There's a repaired crack on the foreend of the stock. It's pretty filthy and has stains and rust on it. Seems like it would be a fun restore project if you can find parts for it. Rifle does not have a serial number on it, so i can't find it on any C&R NFA list. Not exactly sure if C&R applies to this rifle or not, but I will post here first and move it later if it's in the wrong spot. No shipping, please. I'm in Hillsboro.

$10 OBO

Thanks for looking!


Edit: Cash is King but, TRADE IDEAS:
-556 Pmags 30 rnd Gen M2 black
-Tula 223 55g Soft Point ammo
-9mm 115 grain brass case ammo
-50 Beowulf ammo
-50 Beowulf upper parts &/or barrel
-Romak54 PSL scope mount &/or scope
-Chiappa Rhino 4" in 357 mag, prefer stainless
-Streamlight TLR-7 weapon light
-Viridian CTL weapon light
-Peltor ComTac III dual in tan
*Obviously some of these would require money from me. Let me know what you have. I'm open to ideas.

Edit #2: Lowered price.

2015-05-01 15.41.50.jpg 2015-05-01 15.42.44.jpg 2015-05-01 15.42.54.jpg 2018-04-15 23.05.00.jpg 2018-04-15 23.05.10.jpg 2018-04-15 23.05.18.jpg 2018-04-15 23.05.28.jpg
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