12ga Stoeger Uplander SxS

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    Got this in a trade a while back to use for trap, skeet, and 5-stand. Did alright with it, but the "cool factor" of having a side-by-side has worn off, and I feel more comfortable using single-barreled guns. Takes 2 3/4" and 3" shells. Has 26" barrels with changeable chokes. Comes with two improved-cylinder chokes, and is interchangeable with Mossberg Accu-chokes. Has one trigger for each barrel, which is great if you want to decide which barrel you want to fire. In good overall condition, with some minor gun-safe wear.

    Trade interests: Pump shotguns (870, 590, BPS, Ithaca 39, Model 12, others?), Stoeger O/U, lever action rifles, single-action revolvers, snubbies, surplus rifles and pistols. Feel free to send other sorts of offers (firearms only though).

    Not in a rush to sell it, and would prefer to trade, but $400 will be enough to take it away from me.



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