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    This is a Spikes upper and a Stag lower with a DPMS LPK
    Carbine length gas tube,h buffer,flat top w/handle,10 1/2" barrel,single point sling and magwell hand grip,one mag

    :gun04:BTW this was built with a virgin lower,not from a rifle.:gun11:

    Shoots great,cycles Bear perfect and accuracy seems pretty good
    I did do the barrel crown,but there is plenty of space to have threads machined on it.I do have a flash hider for it too.


    I'll start at $1500 or a CETME Sporter 308

    Would consider some powder,308,9mm,10mm,6.8 ammo or components
    PRS magpul stock/buffer assembly
    308 bolt gun
    As usual,all in album is up for sale
    guns 4 sale Photos by mjbogrand | Photobucket
    I will meet as far as Silverdale and Kingston
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