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    I've started a new project, a Dedicated 10ga turkey shotgun. I started with an old H&R Model 176 shotgun shotgun that I've had laying around in the safe for 15 years now... I felt like it needed a new purpose in life. This will be built spefically for Eastern Washington high country. Lots of bush walking and rough rocky hills.

    Originally equipt with a 36" full choke barrel and wood stock with 1"x7" steel roundstock weight. This shotgun weighed in close to 10lbs or more! Way too heavy, way too long!!!!

    The plan:

    -Cut down / Face the barrel to 20"
    -Ream, Tap for chokes
    -Install Primos Jelly Head .690 choke

    -Drill / Tap for front bead
    -Install HIVIZ fiber optic front bead
    -Install dovetail groove for rear sight
    -Install filp up fiber optic rear sight for long shots (for ruger 10-22)

    -Install lightweight synthetic stock and grip (buttstock will be modified for a spring recoil system)
    -Install biggest recoil pad I can find
    -Install sling, sling swivels and studs

    -Paint with duracoat or dip in water transfer

    I have most of the project figured out, with the exception of a few issues on the barrel work... I have reamed and tapped a few 12 gauge barrels in the past and have had good luck! so I figured when I started this project would be just as easy.

    Im having trouble finding the right tooling. I have decided to go with the Browning - Winchoke - Mossberg - H&R style of choke (I belive these are all interchangeable) I plan on buying / using THIS reamer to open up the ID. (firsrt time using an angle blade reamer, I have used a standard burr reamer in the past)

    Here is my Questions:

    What is the 10 Gauge (Browning - Winchoke - H&R) choke thread pitch?

    Where can I get that tap?

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