Monobenzone, also called 4-(Benzyloxy)phenol and monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone (MBEH) is an organic chemical in the phenol family with chemical formula C6H5CH2OC6H4OH. It is used as a topical drug for medical depigmentation. It is a colourless solid that is classified as the monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone. Monobenzone is soluble in alcohol, benzene, and diethyl ether, and practically insoluble in water. Benoquin is one of the product name for monobenzone.

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  1. Ahol

    Finally got my Tikka T3X SuperLite 300 win mag

    I finally picked up my new Tikka Superlite in 300 win mag. It was on sale at Sportsmans and I had a couple giftcards laying around. So far I have a DNZ game reaper mount and a Burris E1 3-9x40 with their ballistic plex on it that I had laying around. I haven't had time to get to the range...
  2. Gonzales

    Tikka T3x Superlite Barrel threading?

    Anyone try to thread the 6.5 Creedmoor barrel? From my research, most folks cut them down from 24” to 22”. I still need to measure my barrel, but here is what I found online. ”The Tikka has a barrel diameter of 0.625" at the muzzle, and 0.635" 1 inch back.” -Matthew
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