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  1. yard dart

    Hello from the Puget Sound

    Just checking in....been tramping around for some time amongst the interweb...some here know me....don't believe their stories... I was legally carrying at the time. ;)
  2. jsparks747

    Puget Sound Fish?

    Straight off the bat - You don't need to tell me any secret spots or lucky lures My dad and I are getting a boat this spring for our vacation house in Puget Sound and are curious about fishing gear. Our main target species are lingcod, halibut, flounder, greenling, and salmon possibly. Are there...
  3. jsparks747


    I was hoping to take my dad fishing in Puget sound in 2017 for a 2 week trip in the San Juans. Any lures that work well on salmon, halibut, bottomfish, or "free floaters"
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