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  1. Mikej

    check out some OLD lures......

    dug out of the attic..... Any one here old enough to have fished with these? :) Man, I've had this stuff stashed in the attic of the garage for 18 years. I'm not even sure where all of it came from. The first two pics are of my Dad's tackle box. He gave me the box, probably 25 years ago...
  2. Jerry

    Noor's Lures

    Anybody here remember Noor's Lures? They were made here in Vancouver. I was clearing out a shelf in the garage and came across some in the package. If I remember correctly, I bought them 15-20 years ago from a guy at a tavern. He said they were the best lures ever made. I never did get around...
  3. jsparks747


    I was hoping to take my dad fishing in Puget sound in 2017 for a 2 week trip in the San Juans. Any lures that work well on salmon, halibut, bottomfish, or "free floaters"
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