Micro Precision Products Ltd (MPP) was a British optical company that between 1941 and 1982 produced cameras and related equipment. (From 1976, its name was MPP Photographic Products Ltd.)
MPP was formed in 1941 to sell equipment produced by Celestion Ltd.; in its early days, MPP employees also worked for Celestion or the related McMurdo Instrument Company. MPP was based in London: in Kingston until 1976, Wandsworth thereafter.

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  1. Aero Denezol

    18" Free Floated Upper Receiver / Options for "DMR" build

    Other than PRI, BCM, and some of the really small niche builders, who else offers a *complete* 18" free floated upper assembly in .223/5.56x45? I see DSA used to offer one with KAC rail, but they are out of stock. Just trying evaluate some options. Doesn't have to be "clone correct" but I would...
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