Polytech School District is a public school district in Kent County, Delaware, United States. It includes Polytech High School and the Polytech adult education program.

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  1. ducrider

    Polytech legend

    Hey guys, need some help here, I’ve got an old polytech legend underfolder and trying to determine the value, only thing it came with is one magazine. Not in perfect shape but not bad and runs 109%, piston need to be refinshed, trying to find a value to see if I want to sell it
  2. J&B Firearm Sales Inc.

    New Gun for April! 04/02/2018

    We hope everyone had a Happy Easter! We have several new guns in our store and would like to get them on here to show to you! We are going to be posting pricing on this site. We are going to try to monitor this page more closely. We would recommend contacting the store via email or phone for...
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