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P30 or P-30 could refer to:
Consolidated P-30, a 1930s United States two-seater fighter aircraft
Heckler & Koch P30, a semi-automatic handgun
p30, an actin-binding protein
Prostate specific antigen, also known as P-30 antigen
Monthly summary of Employers Taxes form in Ireland (see Revenue On-Line Service)
P30, a patrol boat of the Armed Forces of Malta formerly the East German minesweeper Ueckermuende, now decommissioned.

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  1. anonEmouse

    HK VP9 or P30?

    I'm just starting the process of looking for a better 9mm pistol. I know the first thing I'll hear is to get a Glock. While getting one isn't off the table, I haven't really liked how they fit my hand so far. I don't recall the models I've handled, but they just seemed fat in my hand. Again, not...
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