The United States Navy Mark 12 Mod 0/1 Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) is a semi-automatic designated marksman rifle in service with United States Special Operations Forces used in the designated marksman role, also designed to be shorter than standard weapons. SPR initially stood for Special Purpose Receiver, but that nomenclature has been replaced as the weapon became a stand-alone weapons system, and not just an add-on upper receiver assembly (part of the proposed SOPMOD upgrades). The SPR was eventually type-classified by the U.S. Navy as the Mk 12. The weapon was developed by the Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division for US special operations units, not for Navy units in general.

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  1. RobMa

    Looking for a particular fixed sight for a mk18 mod0 build

    Anybody know where I can find one of these, even their own webpage doesn’t have any available… LMT fixed rear sight:
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