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The Light Strike Vehicle (LSV) is an improved version of the Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV) it replaced. Although the conventional US military replaced its DPVs with Humvees, special operation groups adopted the LSV for its small size and high mobility. It is part of the family of Internally Transportable Light Strike Vehicles (ITV-LSV). It is used for fast hit-and-run style raids (as its name suggests), scouting missions, special forces support, and low intensity guerrilla warfare.

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    Light Strikes with my S&W Revolver

    I own a S&W model 19-3 revolver that I reload for. I go as often as I can to the range to test out my recipes. For the last couple of months, I have been getting the occasional misfire due to light strikes on the primer. I am using CCI 500 brand primers. I know they are light strikes because...
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