Lifestyle (formerly known as The LifeStyle Channel) is an Australian television channel. The channel launched on 1 September 1997. The channel has an emphasis on contemporary lifestyle interests. Its programming covers topics including food and wine, home and garden, real estate, shopping, leisure, travel and real life drama. Every Friday, articles, videos, etc., are published with new content and information regarded these topics.Lifestyle has three subsidiary channels: Lifestyle Food, a channel dedicated to food and cooking, Lifestyle You, which is dedicated to fashion, health, makeover and wellbeing and Lifestyle Home which is dedicated to DIY and garden advice. Lifestyle also broadcasts other programs ranging from food, wine, home design, gardening, leisure, travel, and real life dramaOn 1 March 2011 a HD simulcast of Lifestyle launched on Austar and Foxtel on channel 216.On 19 September 2016, Lifestyle refreshed its look which included a new logo.

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    How Are Unemployed People Affording This Lavish Lifestyle?

    It's no coincidence that there are more unemployed people now, than from 2 years ago, before COVID. I'm willing to bet my 7 figures net worth, that ATLEAST 50% of the people in this state are unemployed. Not sure about other states, since I only live in Oregon. There are MANY indicators that my...
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