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  1. RDMaynard

    Hello from Coos Bay.

    I've been shooting since I was seven. My Dad was an Expert Rifleman in the Army and taught me. I'm saddened and alarmed by the Oregon government's efforts to deny us right to gun ownership as guaranteed by the U.S. and Oregon constitutions.
  2. D

    Greetings from Coos Bay...

    Hello all, I've been called Deathgrip for many years... I'm a very avid rifle shooter, have one M1A and building another semi-custom; a couple bolt actions, and a muzzleloader. I shoot a little shotgun and handgun too. I was good enough with an M14 back in service days to compete (but not good...
  3. O

    Moving from Southern Oregon to Coos County

    I've been browsing this site from the outside for about a year and finally decided to join. I've lived in Jackson county, Shady Cove to be exact,Through my k-12 school years. I took a couple years off school before I decided to attended SOCC in Coos Bay. My fiance just landed a job at Coquille...
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