bear creek

Bear Creek Lake State Park is a 326-acre (132 ha) state park located in Cumberland, Virginia, United States. It is a recreational and camping facility that surrounds an artificial 40-acre (16 ha) lake situated in the 16,000-acre (6,500 ha) Cumberland State Forest.

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    Looking for Load data for Bear Creek 96g rn in 38 sp

    Looking to make a 38 special load comparable to the Hornady 90grain FTX Critical defense “Lite” load Using some Bear creek .358 96g round nose I bought from a member. These will allow my wife to make her LCR go bang at a reasonable cost!! Anyone have a tried and true load recipe for such a...
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    Bear creek arsenal barrels

    Any experience with bear creek arsenal barrels? Building an ar and they have a stainless steel 16" barrel for about $140. Grateful for any input.
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