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Bear Creek Lake State Park is a 326-acre (132 ha) state park located in Cumberland, Virginia, United States. It is a recreational and camping facility that surrounds an artificial 40-acre (16 ha) lake situated in the 16,000-acre (6,500 ha) Cumberland State Forest.

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  1. sagia308

    Ar-10 Bear Creek Upper file down the old firing pin stop trick to get it to fire steel case with JP Enterprise reduced trigger spring

    Found I installed the JP Enterprise spring upside down that's why I was having white strikes wonderful LOL now I did file down to firing pin stop to get it to protrude farther in the face of the bolt and appears that striking pretty hard now more testing to do
  2. sagia308

    bear creek AR-10 upper first shots 30 rd Pmag feed jams tight chamber swiss reloads sticking

    well that says it all fixed the mag feeding jams i bet now i got to put a stronger hammer spring in
  3. brandon24

    Will a psa ar10 lower work with bear creek upper

    I ordered a ar10 upper from bca and a psa lower anyone had any problems fitting the two together?
  4. arakboss

    Budget Manual Loading AR15 Line Proposal For Bear Creek Arsenal.

    I am going to try and convince Bear Creek Arsenal to start a manual loading AR rifle line based on their side charging uppers. I want this line of rifles to be 50 State legal based on current restrictions. These are some of the features or lack of, that I would like to see. Standard lower...
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