Rosy Barsony (1909–1977) was a Hungarian-born dancer, singer and film actress.Rosy was born Róza Sonnenschein on 5 June 1909 in Budapest. She was a child performer and became a leading operetta soubrette. She began a film career in 1929, and in 1931 she moved to Berlin. Her career flourished: she became the leading lady in the operettas of Paul Abraham and married fellow performer Oskar Dénes.As a Jewish woman, she left Germany in 1935, touring in Italy, England and Romania, before returning to Budapest. From 1948, she settled in Vienna, appearing on television as well as on stage at the Stadttheater Klagenfurt and the Seefestspielen Mörbisch.
She died in Vienna on 23 March 1977 and is buried at the Döblinger Cemetery.

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  1. civilian75

    Barsony Holsters and Belts, A Gun Free Zone

    I accidentally discovered the Barsony business place today while visiting Floors with Flare, at TV Hwy In Hillsboro. The wife was waiting for me in the car so I quickly asked to show me their IWB holsters. They ask me for what kind of gun. I said, "a Shield". Then she asked me what kind of...
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