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  1. B

    Washington  SB5434-Restricting possession of weapons in certain locations.

    Oh joy....NOT! Another gun free zone to stop you from protecting your own children... Dan
  2. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  SB1538 Recinding State Pre-emption

    Here is comes! The bill includes "grounds", not just buildings and ALL real estate owned by a College or University. Follow here SB1538 2020 Regular Session - Oregon Legislative Information System Full text http://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2020R1/Downloads/MeasureDocument/SB1538/Introduced...
  3. cigars

    Washington  WA state fair gun free zone

    Sorry if this is a duplicate post, (ok to delete if it is). Metal detectors to get in now. https://mynorthwest.com/1492111/washington-state-fair-metal-detectors-security/
  4. I

    8/11 Hillsboro Concert GUN-FREE ZONE

    There is a free concert scheduled for next Sunday night at Hillsboro Stadium featuring some big name Christian artists including Crowder and Phil Wickham. I was planning to attend with family until I read the event's FAQ page. The event is going to be a "gun-free zone." The FAQ explicitly...
  5. Joe Link

    National  Her son died robbing a Pizza Hut. Now she wants the employee who shot him to be charged with a crime

    Her son died robbing a Pizza Hut. Now she wants the employee who shot him to be charged with a crime.
  6. Koda

    tiny gun free zone downtown...

    there is pretty much few places you cant go even with a permit in Oregon but federal property is one. I never knew one of the city parks downtown was one of them, Terry Schrunk Plaza downtown a small urban park across from City Hall offering terraced seating, a speaking area & a grassy lawn...
  7. civilian75

    Barsony Holsters and Belts, A Gun Free Zone

    I accidentally discovered the Barsony business place today while visiting Floors with Flare, at TV Hwy In Hillsboro. The wife was waiting for me in the car so I quickly asked to show me their IWB holsters. They ask me for what kind of gun. I said, "a Shield". Then she asked me what kind of...
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