bans are stupid

Ban Bossy is a self-censorship campaign launched in 2014 by The campaign criticizes the use of the word "bossy" to describe assertive girls and women, proposing that the word is stigmatizing and may discourage girls and women from seeking positions of leadership.

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  1. CountryGent

    States with Mag Cap Limits?

    So, either today, or tomorrow, I am going to be listing a self-loading carbine for sale on Gunbroker. I would like to include some standard capacity magazines with said. Ergo, I am going to have to list states that cannot buy. From what I am finding on the Intratubes, those would be...
  2. CountryGent

    Gallup: Support for "Assault Weapons" Ban at Record Low

    Not that those who push for such things care, but it is interesting that the data from Gallup shows the lowest support in 20 years for such a ban: In U.S., Support for Assault Weapons Ban at Record Low
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