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The AccuTrigger is a functionally two-stage trigger developed by the Savage Arms Company in 2002. The trigger was designed for ease of use and the ability for end users to adjust the weight of the pull on the trigger. The Savage AccuTrigger's "safety blade" design concept has also been later borrowed by other firearm manufacturers, such as the Pro-Fire trigger from Marlin's XS7/XL7 and XT-22 series and the Marksman trigger from Ruger's "American" series bolt-action rifles.
Ron Coburn, a former CEO of the Savage Arms Company, wanted a rifle with a trigger that has a crisp and creep-free trigger-pull (the amount of force needed on the trigger to release the sear). Another goal for Coburn was to make the trigger user-adjustable from 1.5 to 6 pounds (0.68 to 2.72 kg) of pull. The trigger also had to withstand being accidentally bumped without going off, even on the lowest trigger-pull setting. The relatively short lock time of 1.6 milliseconds favors accurate shooting.

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