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  1. ddjchemist

    Any CZ 457 Lux .22 WMR Owners

    Every time I buy a rifle, I try to lie to myself "this is the last one". I went to a gun store this evening (Precise Shooter in Lynnwood, WA) and I could not resist not to buy another one. I purchased CZ 457 Deluxe in .22 WMR. I saw this rifle in the store and as soon as the store guy passed me...
  2. SGW Gunsmith

    CZ 457 LUX Set-up

    The CZ 457 LUX arrived a couple of days ago, and the optic one day later. I mounted the scope using a set of 11 mm base rings, but they were a bit too high and I didn't like how they fit on the little rail: So, instead, I used a picatinny adapter that slides onto the 11 mm wide small rail...
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