The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) operates a number of bus routes in Rhode Island. Most are local bus routes based out of Providence; a number of local routes are also based from Newport, Pawtucket, or Woonsocket. The agency operates six express routes to park and ride lots around the state, and one local rapid bus route.
The transfer location listed is the primary commuting downtown transfer location(s) that the route serves; for most routes, this is the inbound terminus. Providence-based routes operate from Kennedy Plaza, Pawtucket-based routes from the Pawtucket Transit Center, Newport-based routes from Gateway Center, and Woonsocket-based routes from Woonsocket Depot Square. Two routes which do not run into any of those four cities connect with other routes at Warwick Mall.

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    I found this 24" rifle for $786 new with a Leupold scope. I know the vx2 was replaced with the Freedom line, but it still sells on Amazon for $319. The rifle alone sells for $699 at Sportsmans Warehouse without a scope. Yea or Nay!
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