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Hey guys! So, I did rave about this little pistol but Ive since shifted my interests to only Beretta's and Glocks.

Some quick info:
Zastava CZ999, compact version of the CZ99. This is not a "CZ" pistol, this is a Zastava pistol made in Serbia. The CZ stands for the factory its made in.

The package includes:
Origional box and papers
7 OEM 15rnd steel magazines
1- kydex OWB holster

This pistol does have tooling marks. Its a serbian service pistol, not a kimber.
With that said, it runs flawlessly.

Looking to trade for:

*Paratrooper SKS

*Entry level 20" barrel AR-15
(plus cash from me)

*Entry level AK
(plus cash from me)

*7.62x39 FMJ in original packaging only
No loose rounds as I require an approximate count and have been stiffed by a few hundred rounds before. Number of rounds is dependant on the manf. Of ammo and its case type (steel or brass)

Cash price for entire package $495 (transfer price included in the $495)

Cash price for pistol, just two mags and holster $425
(transfer price included in the $425)

Buyer pays transfer fees which are included in the overall price, if we trade we'll split transfer fees and I will pay MY end. I will not ship, too much hassle.
image.jpg image.jpg
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