Yugo 7.62x39 M67 Surplus on strippers in Crate $199.92/1120rds

Discussion in 'Great Deals' started by WeldonHunter, Oct 17, 2011.

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    Note: I know this is higher than you may have seen but the price of this is up now and this is the cheapest you'll find. The Yugo is going away so get it while you can. I just got another 2 cases. Here's a tip too. If you order more than 1 case order them seperately. The shipping for one to me in Louisiana from Tennessee was $31.26 and for 2 it would have been $79 if I put them on the same order. I called them and Chris told me it has to do with the weight and how the shipping calculator generates it's charges. He told me to order each case seperately. I saved $16 this way. I also put a note in the instructions box on the additional order that it wasn't a duplicate. I only wish I'd have bought them when they were $174 a case earlier this year. This makes 3 cases of this and 2 of the 1260rd cases I have now. I bet I'll kick myself for not buying more later.

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