XEROX printer supplies

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    These work in the DocuColor 12/1250 and DocuCentre 50 machines
    (I also have a DOC50 that needs the IBT roller clutch rebuilt, $100 cash or make me an offer)
    2x Unopened Copy / Print cartridges $150.00 ea
    1x Unopened 8R7980 Cleaning Web $50.00
    2x Unopened 8R7976 Dry Ink Waste Containers $5.00 ea
    3x Unopened 8R7977 Developer Waste Containers $15.00 ea
    1X Unopened / 1x opened 6R1050 Cyan Toner Cartridges (2 per box) $40.00 per box
    2X Unopened 6R1051 Magenta Toner Cartridges (2 per box) $75.00 per box
    2X Unopened 6R1052 Yellow Toner Cartridges (2 per box) $75.00 per box
    1X Unopened 6R1049 black Toner Cartridge $25.00

    Total would be $910, I'd take $800.00 for everything.
    Mostly need cash for the seemingly inevitable move, so trades would have to be VERY interesting!
    Think along the lines of Sadam's gold plated SKS, or the AR used to kill JFK ;)

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